The Caribbean starts here, Welcome to the capital of one of the most beautiful Islands in the world.
… Founded by the French in 1770, Port-au-prince was at first the french colonial Capital of Santo Domingo (Saint Domingue in French), which encompassed both Haiti and Dominican republic

  • It is now the current capital of the republic of Haitiport-au-prince map
  • The most important sea port of the country,
  • The most important important political, commercial, cultural and intellectual center of the country
  •  Port-au-Prince has a rich history, which can be very fascinating for anyone who is curious about that small island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.
  • It is the epicenter and is always at the forefront of great advancement in music, movies, technology and so on.
  •  Well known fact: Port-au-Prince was hit the hardest by the devastating magnitude 8.0 earthquake that struck Haiti back in 2010.
    Port-au-Prince is the most populous city in Haiti with approximately 2.5 million residents.
  • Port-au-Prince is surrounded by sea all around its west side, which means great tropical weather throughout the year.

A Few Reasons Why You Should Visit Port-Au-Prince

Culture: Port-au-Prince is where all of Haiti’s social groups converge, people from all corners of the country meet at one center and create a cultural phenomenon spearheaded by the combination of all the different subcultures.

Location: Port-au-Prince is at the center of the Caribbean, it’s a beautiful island just about two hours from the United states and about ten hours from the closest European cities.

Climate: Port-au-Prince has great weather throughout the year, it’s tropical, so no cold weather, it’s usually hot, warm or humid, great for perusing the beautiful beaches during any given time of the day or the year.

Variety: Port-au-Prince has a variety of tourist attractions, from the beautiful beaches to attractions located high above the city for breathtaking views of Port-au-Prince outlines and more

Port Au Prince

Hotel and Resorts:

Port-au-Prince has many 3 star and 4 start hotels and facilities and is home to the newly built Occidental Royal Oasis Hotel located at the heart of Petion-Ville, this hotel is equipped with all the amenities found in the biggest hotels in the United States or around the world

Port Au Prince


Haiti has had a bad reputation for violence for some times because of past political turmoils, but currently as a tourist visiting the city,you will find it very surprising that Port-au-Prince is the safest it has been in years and if you avoid the few trouble areas, you will find the Haitian people to be very kind, friendly and welcoming.

Port Au Prince

Port-au-Prince is one of the best places you can go to on your next vacation, the vibrant, energetic and friendly population, the Haitian cuisine, the clear, white beaches and the great history of Port-au-prince are all reasons why your next trip should be to Port-au-Prince.

Port Au Prince

Port-au-Prince is home to more than 90% of people living in the west region. Similarly to any other big city or capital, Port-au-Prince has experienced a convergence of cultures from throughout the country, which makes it the perfect starting point to start exploring everything that’s good about the Haitian people in general.

In Januaray 2010, Port-au-Prince experienced its worst days in history, marked by a terrible and catastrophic magnitude 8.0 earthquake, which shook not only Port-au-Prince but the entire country, the consequences of that event can still be felt when passing through the city, but under the guidance of the current government, the rebuilding has long begun, and it seems that the city is moving to a much better future.

For a tourist who is visiting Port-au-Prince, it won’t be hard to notice the efforts being made to transform the city into the tourist mecca it once used to be. Among the many improvements that can be noticed are: fresh new asphalts are being laid everyday on all the roads in Port-au-prince. The airport has also seen some major improvements as well, and there have been talks of American Airlines and other companies having plans to add new terminals to the airports, if those plans come to fruition, new flights, new amenities, new destinations would be added to the airport, which in turn would make it much easier for tourists who are visiting the city or have plans to visit it in the future.

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