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Port Au PrinceFor our staff, growing up in Haiti was a magnificent experience that only this tiny island in the middle of the Caribbean could provide, now that we are all grown we have decided to bring to people all across the world what Haiti has to offer. But to do that we have to start with the Haitian capital: Port-au-Prince. It is Haiti’s biggest city, it’s very energetic and unsurprisingly the most populous. It is at the epicenter of all things related to Haiti and with the right planning, it can be one of the most enjoyable and interesting places that you have ever been to.

Here at VisitPortauPrince.com, we try our very best everyday to bring to you all the latest information related to life in Port-au-Prince and in Haiti as a whole. For a tourist who will be visiting the city, this is the site for you, we strive to make your trip to Port-au-Prince as easy and safe as possible by bringing to you all of the top tens of the city; top 10 beaches, hotels, movie theaters, etc, and the most important tips regarding your safety at Port-au-Prince. We know how important tourists are to our country, and we would want nothing less than for you to have a great time during your journey at the capital and in the provinces.

For Haitians, at home and abroad, this is the site for you as well, the information displayed on VisitPort-auPrince.com will serve to enrich even more, your knowledge of your country. You are part of this project, we want you to get involved by regularly visiting the site, posting comments, etc, and ultimately help us accomplish this great goal of showing to the world all that is good about Port-au-Prince and the Haitian peninsula in general.

The site is being improved everyday, it is our passion, and at the end of the day, we want to be the primary source of the latest and most accurate information about the city of Port-au-Prince and the country of Haiti as a whole.

Thank you for visiting Visitportauprince.com, just browse around, all the information about Port-au-Prince is just a click or two away.

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