The Most Amazing Beaches in Port-au-Prince and Surroundings

Including Montrouis, Mariani, Gressier and more. See Who Made The Cut…

Club Indigo Plage et Hotel:

Port Au Prince

Club Indigo is one of the best if not the best hotel & beach combo in all of Haiti, they claim to have the biggest pool in Haiti as well, this fact may very much be true when really observing the extent of the pool. Club Indigo is renowned both nationally and internationally, they have something for everyone to enjoy in their enormous facility, this is the place where Bill and Hillary Clinton once spent their honeymoon. Among the many attractions that can be found there are: water polo, beach volleyball, ping pong, tennis, golf and last but not least more than 1500 m of white sand beach. If you do go to Haiti and stay at Club Indigo, remember to not miss the amazing view of the sunset on La Gonave island (Ile de la Gonave), it is an unforgettable experience.

Address: Carries Route National #1, Haiti
Tel: 509-3442-9999

Kaliko Beach Club and Resort Hotel:

Port Au Prince

Kaliko Beach Club is a gorgeous beach and hotel located on Cote des Arcadins along with a number of other pristine beaches and hotels on that strip of Haiti, including CLub Indigo, but it has distinguished itself with: its beautiful poolside restaurant serving scrumptious meals throughout the day,  the very elegant looking umbrellas along the shore and a number of great activities such as diving, beach soccer, board games, basketball, tennis and even a boat ride at sunset for those looking for a special moment.

Kaliko Beach Rates:  $90 – $145 /day
Address: Cote des arcadins, Route National #1, Haiti
Tel: 509-2940-4609 / 509-3650-8000/ U.S # 305-921-9346

Moulin Sur Mer Plage et Hotel (Beach and Hotel)

Port Au Prince

Among the Beaches on the Cote des Arcandins, Moulin Sur mer is unique for its fascinating history. The location once used to be a sugar cane plantation, which remnants are still in display on the property today along with some other historical monuments of Haiti like canons, statues of Haiti’s historical figures and so on. In its facility, Moulin Sur mer is able to host all types of events such as weddings, conferences, etc. Among the other amenities are a large swimming pool, playground area for kids and adults, tennis court and a tasteful restaurant.

Moulin Sur Mer Rates: $110 – $150 /day
Address: Montrouis Route National #1, Haiti
Tel: 509-2223-1124/ 2222-1918

Xaragua Plage et Hotel (Beach and Hotel)

Port Au Prince

Quiet frankly the Xaragua beach and hotel is one of the best places to stay at while visiting Haiti, the location Is fabulous, the beach is incredible, the hotel is well kept and secured and the food is delectable. At the hotel, free WiFi is available to everyone at any given time of the day. According to multiple reviews the staff at the hotel Xaragua are very nice and friendly as well. The whole place is gated, so the place is definitely worth a stay or two.

Address: Route National #1, Montrouis, Haiti
Tel: 509-2200-3680/ 3795-5983

Wahoo Bay Beach and Hotel (Plage et hotel)

Port Au Prince

Wahoo Bay Beach and Hotel is a magnificent beach and hotel combo that offers a little taste of Haitian paradise to visitors from all across the continent. It is a very well managed establishment with most of the amenities found in beaches and hotels in the U.S and other countries but the ocean at Wahoo Bay is much more alluring, it’s just stunning. Wahoo bay has great food, plenty of activities, a large swimming pool, and also suitable spaces for large gatherings such as wedding, conferences and more. Go and visit Wahoo Bay, you will not regret it.

Wahoo Bay Rates: $100 – $200 /day
Address: Route National #1, Montrouis, Haiti
Tel: 509-3735-2536/ 509-2812-2499

Soleil Antillais Beach (Plage):

Port Au Prince

This is a very popular beach located in the city of Leogane in the West department of Haiti. It is open everyday of the week from 8:00am to 8:00pm. this is a beautiful beach with enough spaces available for picnics, private parties and many other types of occasions.

Address: Merger, Route National #2, Haiti
Tel: 509-3555-8500

Chaleur Tropical Plage et Hotel (Beach and Hotel)

Port Au Prince

This is another beach on the Cote des Arcadins, it is lesser known but just as refreshing and comfortable. This may be a more attractive option for those looking for a much cheaper place to stay by the beach.

Address: Mariani Route National #2, Haiti
Tel: 509-3710-0425

Obama Beach and Hotel

As you have probably guessed, Obama beach opened its doors not too long ago, but it has since gained steady following among locals and visitors alike. A favorite destination for U.N forces in Haiti,  It’s a much cheaper option compared to the high end beach and resorts that you will encounter on your way from Port-au-Prince to where Obama beach is located, but nonetheless the ocean itself is just as crystal clear and very inviting, the beach is much quieter, specially during the week, which can be a plus for some people. Obama beach also provides that mesmerizing view of the sunset over the island of La Gonave..

Address: 01 Route National #1, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Tel: 509-3872-7594/ 509-3659-7992

Guilou Beach

This is a beach located close to Mariani, it is more frequented by the Haitian youth but it’s less organized than most of the beaches and hotels previously mentioned. It is more like a public beach where you will find troubadour bands playing, guys in a circle just joking around and having fun all day long, specially during the summer and on the weekends.

Address: Gressier, Route National #2

Valou Beach

Valou beach is another beach widely frequented by a lot Haitians who can not afford to go to the more expensive and extravagant beaches like Kaliko, Moulin Sur Mer, etc, but the beach itself is still very nice, and you will still be able to have a good time and enjoy the sun.

Address: Gressier Route National #2

Some other known beaches around Port-au-Prince.

Audrey Plage et Hotel (Beach and Hotel)

Address: Gressier, Route National #2, Haiti
Tel: 509-3848-3030/ 3400-1881

Picnic Plage et Hotel

Address: Gressier, Route National #2
Tel: 509-3427-3347/ 3666-8889

Venisia Bellisima Plage et Hotel (Beach and Hotel)

Address: Gressier, Route National #2, Haiti
Tel: 509-3668-4583/ 3719-4551/ 3777-3099

Sunny Bel Plage et Hotel (Beach and Hotel)

Address: Route National #2, Haiti
Tel: 509-3847-3076/ US # 718-7506525

Passion Plage et Hotel

Address: Mariani Route National #2