Top 6 Best Restaurants In Port Au Prince To Satisfy Your Taste Buds

Best Restaurants

Travelling to Port Au Prince and not trying the traditional Haitian dishes at the restaurants could be your biggest regret.

Haitian food has a great sense of Creole which is known to be a blend of influences.

But…The food there is always mixed with spices, is zippy but simple and delicious. Pikliz, which is spicy pickled vegetables, breadfruit, bergamot, watercress and the rum-infused power shakes are worth trying.

You also shouldn’t miss out on the popular Haitian hot chocolate and grilled lobster sprinkled with plenty of beans, avocados and hot pepper which depicts the underlying nature and essence of the delicious Haitian cuisine.

So, let us dig in and find out some great places for you to dine in Port Au Prince.

Best Restaurants Port Au Prince

To enjoy the Haitian tradition and cure your appetite these six restaurants scream at you to visit them once to try out the delicious food and experience the lovely ambiance.

1: Smokey’s Bar & Grill

Smokey’s Bar & Grill started back in summer 2014 and has become extremely popular. They serve you with delicious, smoking and spicy wings that come in orders of 12, 14 or by the bucket. If you love eating meat, go for the ribs. The ribs are local and not import but the BBQ is done on the spot.

Smokey’s Bar & Grill

Though the restaurant is located on the top of the building and you have to walk up the stairs but, hey…it is a great way to burn up those calories that you are about to pound on when you reach the top. They also have a private lot for people who are driving to the restaurant on Rue Lamarre.

Some of their favorite dishes other than ribs include pulled pork sammie, Pad Thai with BBQ shrimp and rib eye with smokey’s rub. And don’t forget to try out their mouth-watering BBQ sauces which include spicy, passion fruit and guava.


Smokey’s Bar and Grill

41 Rue Lamarre, (on the roof), Pétionville, Haiti



Mo-Su: 11:30-23:30


2: Brasserie Quartier Latin – Garden Meals With Live Music

Brasserie Quartier Latin brings you the lovely ambience of the outdoors surrounded with lush green trees and plants. Though they also have an indoor place to dine and eat but when the weather is lovely, you wouldn’t want to miss out on it.

The bar at the restaurant has some tables for dinner/lunch service where you can eat in front of the rear garden which is nicely decorated with hanging bags of water with live music which usually plays at night.

Brasserie Quartier Latin

This restaurant has several buffet options every week with a brunch on the Sundays and one buffet on a weekday evening which usually comes with delicious Thai food. Not to mention that they are a bit expensive but the food quality and environment is worth paying for.

Do try out their walnut/blue cheese/arugula pizza which is one of their specialty. Other than that, you can just sit at the bar, buy a drink and enjoy the live music or maybe bring a laptop to work on your meetings.


Brasserie Quartier Latin

10, rue Goulard, Pétion-ville, Ayiti



Mo-Sa: 11:00-23:00

Su: 10:00-23:00

3: Café 36 – Lunch Al Fresco

Whatever you do, just don’t miss out on Café 36 to enjoy the mouth-watering fast food with music (both live and recorded). They have a bit of an artsy vibe thanks to the lightening fixtures which are made out of recycled mason jars. Overall it is a lovely place to visit and munch on delicious food.

Café 36

More than food, we guarantee you will love the atmosphere and music. They are slightly overpriced but no compromise on quality and experience. The staff warmly welcomes you when you reach there. You can also visit them for some drinks and snacks only. Take some selfies and post them on your social media.


Cafe 36

36 Rue Clerveaux, Petion Vile, Ayiti


4: Utopia Garden Grill – Dinner with A Lovely View

Located just by the side of a mountain, the Utopia Garden Hill restaurant is one of its own kind with great and professional service and delicious food. But above all that, the view is breathtaking. Dining in a valley of mountains can refresh your mood.

Utopia Garden Grill

Their deals are a bit expensive but it is worth paying for, especially for the location and atmosphere there. You should definitely try out their platters of grilled meat and fish with vegetables and rice. Make sure you pack yourself with a jacket or a warm upper as it get chilly at night.


Utopia Garden Grill





5:  5 Coins

Those of you who love fritay (spicy meat and fried root vegetables) you will definitely enjoy the ambience of 5 Coins. In the daytime, this place is mostly filled with businessmen, civil servants and locals.

You can try out chicken, pork, fish and other meat and you are charged by the weight. The meat is fresh and is cooked in front of you. Once cooked it is then added in rice, sprinkled and topped with pickles, sauce, salad or macaroni.

5 Coins

This restaurant isn’t cheap but services delicious fritay as compared to the ones sold on the streets at night. You can also order fresh squeezed juice or juices blended with milk. We recommend pairing your fritay with beer.


5 Coins (Centre Ville)

Rue Clerveaux, Pétion-Ville, Haiti



Mo-Su: 08:00-23:00

+509 28 18 1100

6: Arc-En-Ciel – Delicious Dinner with Music

Arc-En-Ciel is also an expensive restaurant to dine and you might get disappointed with the dinner spot. They also serve lunch but without live music. But as a whole this place is perfect for lunch in the national palace area which is a mixture of business types, students and others including tourists.


The restaurant serves a lovely mix of Creole dishes and fast food options in lunch and dinner. The dinner options are usually served with live music and the food is extremely tasty with large portions.

We would recommend to carry a hand sanitizer and napkin before you even think to go for a pee. The sight of the bathroom can be a bit frightening but it is clean.



25 Rue Capois, Port-au-Prince



Mo-Su: 10:00-23:00