The Best Nightclubs in Port-au-Prince

When visiting a city or country where ever that might be, one of the things that has to be on top of everyone’s list is where the best hangout spots are at night. If you will be visiting Port-au-Prince for example, you will most likely need a place to chill and relax before you go sleep the night away at one of the premier hotels in town.

Without further ado, here is the list of the best nightclubs in Port-au-Prince.

Jet Set Club – Bar – Restaurant

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If you are a tourist, and you are pretty familiar with the night scene in the U.S or Europe, you will find the Jet Set club pretty darn close to what you are used to back home. Some foreigners have referred to it as the coolest club in all of Port-au-Prince, it is equipped with modern amenities, it has good service and great drinks flowing all through the night. The place is crazy packed on the weekends, as are most clubs in Port-au-Prince anyways, but it is much pricier, expect to spend more than $30 to really enjoy yourself. This is a great place to have fun and enjoy yourself. The Dj rocks as well, very good music.

Address: 509 Rue Gregoire, Petion Ville
Tel: 509-257-1045

Esquina Latina NightClub

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This is a very popular nightclub in the heart of Petion-Ville. This is a place where a lot of the famous Haitian Kompa groups perform regularly. The feel and look of the place is modern. The place is much more expensive than other lower end nightclubs that you will find in other corners of Port-au-Prince

Address: Route de Freres, Petion Ville, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Tel: 509-3651-0537

Barak Sports Bar & Grill

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This night spot is also centrally located in The affluent city of Petion-Ville. It has very good ambiance at night, they serve very good food as well. The place is well decorated and is not as crowded as other clubs and night lounges being listed here, even on the week ends. Also expect to see a lot of UN forces in there as well, they hit up this spot heavy

Address: 49 Rue Gregoire, Petion-Ville, Port-au-Prince
Tel: 509 3666-5723

Cafe Trio Club

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Cafe Trio is one of the most booked nightclubs in Port-au-Prince specially during the summer, when Haitians kompa groups from abroad go on their yearly tour of the country, so as a result it’s always a busy spot. Expect to pay around $20 – $25 US just to get in.

Address: Petion Ville, 509 Ville De Pétion-Ville, Ouest, Haiti
Tel: 509 3441-3982

Point Bar Nightclub

This is a small club but very vibrant, frequented mostly by higher income people from Petion Ville. The feel is just straight up disco like with techno music being played throughout most of the night. If you are looking for a place to just relax, dance to the sound of the music,  drink a couple of beers and go home, then this is your spot, it is not too crowded.

Address: 40, Rue Clerveaux, Petion Ville, Haiti.
Tel: 509-28402530

Caramel Nightclub

Address: Angle Route De Delmas Et Delmas 65, Port-au-Prince
Tel: 509-2840-2530

Xtreme Club

Address: Rue Gregoire, Petion Ville, Haiti
Tel: 509-2567-0809

Sous Le Manguier Nightclub

Address: Ave Christophe
Tel: 509-621-2460

Some less renowned clubs in Port-au-Prince, much cheaper to attend and more frequented by the general population

Drink and more Nightclub

Address: Ave Christophe
Tel: 509-621-2460

Papillon Nightclub

Address: Avenue Magloire Ambroise

Stwonel Nightclub

Address: Tabarre

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