Any visit to Port-au-Prince would not be complete without savoring the deliciousness of the Haitian foods and then having to go on and tell other people about it. Haiti is known for its great food, and the impact that the food has on its visitors. If there is one thing that the Haitian people do better than most other nations is cooking. Their food has the power to touch people and have a long lasting memory on the mind of the visitor. So what better way to facilitate that experience than with a list of the best and most popular restaurants in the city of Port-au-Prince. The restaurants below are classified from 1 to 10, we try to put them from best to worse but this ranking is subjecting and all of the places listed here are worthy of a visit and will not disappoint.


La Souvenance

Port Au Prince

Address: 48, rue Geffrard, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Price: $25 to $100
Recommended by: 95% of people
Description: This restaurant has the reputation as the best restaurant in Port-au-prince, Haitians and tourists alike have that same conclusion. It is equipped with clean lobby, very nice chairs, love seats for couples and coffee tables. The food at La Souvenance is what keeps people coming to this place, it is delicious, starting from the impeccable sea food, all the way to the chocolate served for desert. You will definitely enjoy your time at La Souvenance.


KoKoYe Resto – Bar- Grill

Address: Delmas 31 #1 auto, Route de Delmas Port-au-Prince
Tel: (509) 3 772-70000
Recommended by: 75% of People
Description: This place always have great food for all to enjoy, the assortment of rice, beans, buffalo wings and more makes this place irresistible for many. The parking lot is secure. They have two main spaces where guests can sit: first, there is the open space in the direction of the sea breeze, and the indoor area equipped with air conditioning. Often times on the week ends a local band manages to keep everyone grooving.  You should definitely reserve one night of your tour in Haiti to visit KoKoYe Resto.


Port Au Prince

La Table de Caius

Address: 16 Rue Legitime Champs de mars, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Tel: (509)2 940 72 27
Recommended by: 91% of people
Description: The menu at this restaurant is filled with goodness, starting from the delicious Caius sandwiches to the salads, the sea food, the chicken, they are all flavorful and scrumptious. The restaurant itself is beautiful with great decor, comfortable chairs and the atmosphere is very welcoming. Hands down one of the best restaurant in Port-au-Prince.


Port Au Prince

Papaye Restaurant

48 Metellus, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Recommended by:
Description: This restaurant tops the list of many visitors at port-au-prince. It is located at the heart of Petion Ville. The decorations are something to admire and the music being played is fitting for such a beautiful setting. The choices are bit limited but the may items they have in their selection are exquisite. This restaurant is the best in the city of Petion-Ville.


Port Au Prince


Address: 30 RUE OGE, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Price: $20 – $40
Recommended by: 84% of people
Description: Magdoos is one the most loved restaurant for international visitors, it features two main spaces, guests can choose to either sit inside or outside, they are both very cool and quiet. Their price are good compared to other restaurants in Port-au-Prince. Magdoos has a lively atmosphere filled with great music. The menu features Lebanese style of food with delicious couscous, french fries and more. The only downside to this restaurant is that there is no reserved parking spots for the guests.


Port Au Prince

Epi D’or

Address: Delmas 56, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Tel: (509) 2 246 8560
Recommended by: 65% of people
Description: Epi D’or is well known and lovely throughout Port-au-prince, it is much more accessible and affordable for Haitians compared to other high end restaurants in Port-au-prince. What attract people the most in the restaurant is the sandwiches, the restaurant lean more in the fast category than a typical restaurant, but it also do serve good Haitian food. The restaurant is neat, with enough spaces to accommodate large crowds. They also have great ice creams. In all Epi D’or is perfect for a quick bit on the go, check ‘em out.


Port Au Prince

The View

Address: Centre Comertial Belbedere, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Tel: (509) 3 513 92 29
Recommended by: 60% of people
Description: One thing that everyone who have visited this restaurant keeps raving about is the spectacular view from the hotel. During the day the cheesy decor, the paint on the walls might not be so pleasing might but at night the view of the city is mesmerizing. The food is always great, it includes mozzarella sticks, tomatoes, morsels, fish and much more. The service is also very good. But people just can’t get enough of the view of the city from the restaurant, specially during sunset.