List of Top SuperMarkets in Port-au-Prince (Port-au-Prince Shopping)

Port-au-Prince is filled with great shopping sites ready to satisfy everyone’s shopping needs. In general,  there isn’t much that you will find in big cities in the U.S that are not being sold somewhere in Port-au-Prince in one of those supermarkets. Below is an assortment of the best shopping destinations in Port-au-Prince including groceries, electronics, food and more.


Port Au Prince

Delimart was founded by the medical doctor and former chairman of Intercontinental S.A Dr. Reginald Boulos in 2000, since then he is seen the market grow to be the biggest super market chain in the entire city. If you are looking for a great variety of products for the lowest prices in Port-au-Prince, then you have to go to Delimart, specially the one at Delmas 32. Delimart is comparable to any Publix or Walmart grocery stores in the U.S as far as the range of products being carried, and the prices of their products compared to their competitors.

Address: Delmas 32, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, other locations at Delmas 30, Claircine & Diquini, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Tel: 509-2249-2252

Caribbean Market:

Port Au Prince

This is a beautiful and amazingly built supermarket right at the heart of Petion-Ville. It has plenty of parking spaces for your vehicles capable of holding more than 150 cars. The inside has everything that one could possibly expect to find inside of a high end grocery store. It has alcoholic beverages, meat section, produce section, it even has a small pharmacy. If you visit this market, we promise, you will not leave empty handed

Address: Rue Metellus Petion-Ville #51, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Tel: 509-3111-3333/ 3113-3333

Giant SuperMarket:

Port Au Prince

Giant supermarket first opened its doors in august 2010, but it has since become one of the best grocery shopping destinations in all of Port-au-Prince. This is a two story building, which offers both indoor and outdoor parking spaces. The market is very spacious and has great quantity of products to serve all needs.

Address: Oge #68, Petion-Ville, Port-au-Prince

Tel: 509-2947-4444

Big Star Market:

Port Au Prince

Big Star MArket is another charm among the grocery stores in Port-au-Prince, there you will find most everything from great tasting wine to anything you might need for the house. The market is well maintained and very organized, checking you out items is super easy.

Address: Angle Rue Lamare & Chavanne # 16 Petion-Ville, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Tel: 509-4658-021

Piyay National:

Port Au Prince

Another very respected supermarket in Port-au-Prince, it is a favorite of many who visit the capital of Port-au-Prince. It has a large collection of items for sale in many different categories. It supports both local and international products.

Address: Angle Rue Geffrard and Marron #88, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Tel: 509-22223936

Delmas 2000

Port Au Prince

This is a well established supermarket right at the heart of Port-au-Prince selling anything from food products to toys, clothing, appliances and even home decor.  It once used to be at Delmas 19 but because of the devastating 2010 earthquake, it has moved its operation around Delmas 31

Address: Autoroute De Delmas (entre Delmas 29 & 31), Delmas, Port-au-Prince

Tel: 509 2813-2000/ 509 2249-5754

Roi des Rois Market:

Port Au Prince

Address: Rue Capois #39, champs de mars, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Tel: 509-2227-3033

Appliances and Electronics Stores

Valerio Canez:

Port Au Prince

Valerio Canez is one of the most well known brand name in all of Haiti, its reach in so many areas and providing so many different type of merchandises to the Haitian population has made this brand and the individual businesses associated with very reputable. The Valerio Canez supermarket opened its door in 1937, it carries the name of its founder Valerio Canez. As far as products outside of groceries, Valerio Canez is the leader in proving those items: from appliances to electronics, furniture sport equipment,

Address: Route de Delmas #65, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Tel: 509-2514-3697 / 2940-3609


Port Au Prince

Casami is one of the main providers of furniture, appliances , generators and specially motorcycles in Port-au-Prince and throughout Haiti. With more than 115 employees and counting, Casami is definitely one of the driving forces of consumerism in Haiti. Its retail business along with its repair center are very popular in the capital.

Address: 311 Autoroute Delmas #55, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Tel: 509-2947-1717

List of the Most Popular non-conventional markets (Small merchant centers) in Port-au-Prince

Marché en Fer:

Port Au Prince

Without a doubt the most historic center of commerce for individual merchants in all of Haiti, almost all Haitians know about this center and what it has gone through. Built in France and transported to Haiti in 1891, it has since been present in the lives of small Haitians entrepreneurs striving to make a living. Throughout the years, the center has seen its share of devastation, in 2008 a fire destroyed the north side and during the earthquake, another side of it got destroyed. Luckily right after, an irish billionaire, who happen to own Digicel, Haiti’s most popular phone service, came to the rescue and renovated the whole market, Now it stands as tall and beautiful as ever. Anything you might possibly want to buy, you will most likely find it at Marche en fer (Iron Market en english), buying from these merchants is also a good way to help the small Haitian entrepreneurs.

Address: Centre Ville, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Marché Ti Tony:

Port Au Prince

Carrying the name of its owner Anthony Bennet, this commercial center has become a pillar in Port-au-Prince. Having for customers some of the biggest Haitians companies like CAM transfer, government agencies, etc, Marché TI Tony is definitely very renowned in Port-au-Prince. The types of products that you will find there are food, beverages, hardware and general supply.

Address: Route National #1, Chancerelles, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Tel: 509-3701-1459

Marché Petion-Ville:

Port Au Prince

Marche Petion-Ville is right at the center of a Petion-Ville, there you will find small individual merchants of all types trying to make a living. Recently there have been some renovations made to the market, bringing much desired improvements to the entire location, the tents, etc.

Address: Rue Ogé #31, Petion-Ville, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Marché Delmas:

Port Au Prince

Marché Kwabosal (Marché de la Croix-des-Bossales) :

Ocuupied by a great number of merchants selling mostly food products, it is probably the least well maintained commerce center for the small merchants in all of Port-au-Prince. The condition of these vendors is way below standard, for some it is even despicable but these brave people still keep waking up everyday with their entrepreneurial hat on. Part of the market got destroyed by fire in 2010

Address: Bicentenaire, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Marché Salomon:

Another big market where hundreds of merchants converge to try to make a buck, similarly to other center around the country, small merchants coming from the capital and the provinces come together in one place selling all types of products

Address: La Ville